the decade from 1840 to 1849
Hypernyms: ↑decade, ↑decennary, ↑decennium

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  • 1840s — Events and trendsTechnology*First use of general anesthesia in an operation, by Crawford Long. *The first electrical telegraph sent by Samuel Morse on May 24, 1844 from Baltimore to Washington, D.C..War, peace and politics*First signing of the… …   Wikipedia

  • 1840s in fashion — 1840s fashion in European and European influenced clothing is characterized by a narrow, natural shoulder line following the exaggerated puffed sleeves of the later 1820s and 1830s. The narrower shoulder was accompanied by a lower waistline for… …   Wikipedia

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  • 1840s in Zimbabwe — Dr. David Livingstone, exploring the interior of Africa, arrived at Lake Ngami in present day Botswana on August 3, 1849.Births*Mapondera, militant, is born into the Rozvi Negomo dynasty *1848 Archibald Ross Colquhoun,Resident Commissioner of… …   Wikipedia

  • 1840s in association football — The following are the association football events of decades 1840s around the world.Events*1848 ndash; A committee at Cambridge University attempts to create a universal set of rules for football. (This code later become known as The Cambridge… …   Wikipedia

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  • 1840s in the United States — Events and Trends For more trends, see 19th century in the United States * Population of continental United States surpasses the Native American population before European contact (estimated at 9 million). Leaders * Whig William Henry Harrison… …   Wikipedia

  • 1840s in Wales — This article is about the particular significance of the decade 1840 1849 to Wales and its people. Incumbents*Prince of Wales Edward Albert, son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (from 1841) *Princess of Wales vacant Events*1840 *1841 *1842 …   Wikipedia

  • Liberty Party (1840s) — Infobox Historical American Political Party party name= Liberty Party party party articletitle= Liberty Party (United States) active= 1840–1848 ideology= abolitionist position= N/A international= None preceded by= succeeded by= Free Soil Party… …   Wikipedia

  • Indochina War timeline — 1840s 1890s Wars of French colonization in Indochina.1941 French colonial government collaborates with Japanese aggression in Southeast Asia. Japanese military forces occupy bases in Vietnam while French colonial government continues to govern.… …   Wikipedia

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